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          1. Moran Headquarters in RI


            We at Moran are proud that our experience and track record is unparalleled as an AMS service provider. In fact, we are very pleased to have recently hit a milestone: since the CBP requirement began in 2004, Moran has successfully made over 30,000 AMS submissions, to date boasting not a single delay or US Customs related fine for our valued AMS hub clients.

            Our success is due to a dedicated and proactive approach, underscored by our 24/7 availability, proven Customs expertise, longstanding good relations with local CBP officials, and a strong commitment and desire by our highly trained staff to ensure an expedited and cost effective port call for our clients. In addition, our award winning AMS extranet application also provides a web-based interface that allows our AMS clients real-time, 24/7 access to CBP status messages regarding all entries. Moran Shipping can also provide assistance to carriers in meeting C3 International Carrier Bond requirements.

            For more information please contact: ams@moranshipping.com

            For US Government AMS/ACE updates: Click Here

            Mailing Address:
            Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc.
            106 Francis Street
            Providence RI, 02903