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          1. Contact

            Office: 401-941-7200
            Mobile: 401-316-6512
            Fax: 401-680-8916
            Email: gblack@moranshipping.com

            Executive Management

            Gavin R. Black

            Vice President / Corporate Counsel
            Gavin R. Black serves as Vice President and Corporate Counsel for Moran Transportation Industries. He is a graduate of the Roger Williams School of Law and University of Rhode Island Marine Affairs Institute. Gavin is a member of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Federal US District of Rhode Island Bar.

            He is active in the maritime community with participation in the North Atlantic Ports Association, Maritime Law Association of the United States and is currently is serving as Port President of the Propeller Club of the United States, Narragansett Bay Chapter.

            Gavin resides in Tiverton, RI with his wife Erin and sons Michael, Benjamin and Samuel.