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          1. Contact

            Office: 281-582-9200
            Fax: 713-354-0050
            Email: jblack@moranshipping.com

            Executive Management

            James A. Black

            President / CEO
            Upon completion of his studies in business administration at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Jim joined the Moran Organization in 1974. Working closely under the tutelage of his brother, F. Robert Black (previous owner and President), he began his career as a boarding agent gaining experience in handling a full range of commercial cargos. His expertise was further enhanced within the transportation industry through assignment with J. F. Moran Company, a sister corporation. There, Jim learned the intricacies of import/export documentation, negotiating letters of credit and the expeditious movement of international freight. Subsequently, Jim was issued his Customhouse Brokers License by the U. S. Treasury Department in 1977.

            When the Moran Organization made its first expansion beyond its traditional New England hub, Jim Black moved to Houston, Texas to manage the newly-incorporated Moran-Thibodeaux Shipping Agencies. Throughout the next decade the operation in the U. S. Gulf experienced dramatic growth. In 1985 the company began doing business as Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies and by then had opened offices in Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Galveston, New Orleans, and Fort Lauderdale while attending more than 1,000 vessel arrivals on an annual basis with Jim as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

            In 1986, Jim and his brother Mike acquired full ownership of the Moran Shipping Agency Organization from their brother Bob. The company continues to operate as a closely-held family corporation, while providing the very best of independent and enthusiastic service to which both their friends and clients have become accustomed.

            During his career Jim Black has enjoyed active affiliations with several associations and organizations including: Propeller Club of the U.S., World Trade Association, Traffic Club, Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ASBA), American Petroleum Institute, Houston Port Bureau, Houston Chamber of Commerce, Sabine Users Coalition, Houston chapter of PORTS, Petroleum Tankship Institute, The Houston Club, West Gulf Maritime Association, National Customhouse Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association, The Houstonian, The Woodlands CC, and many more.