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          1. Contact

            Office: 281-582-9200
            Mobile: 281-840-3397
            Fax: 281-582-1248
            Email: paulc@moranshipping.com

            Executive Management

            Paul A. Caruselle

            Vice President
            Paul graduated from Saint John’s University, New York in 1973, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

            Prior to joining Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies in 2015, Paul was with SeaRiver Maritime, Inc. (ExxonMobil). ?In his last position he was the Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Manager (SSHE) and was a member of the SeaRiver Management Committee.? As SSHE Manager he was responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of Quality and Safety Management systems, was the Designated Person ashore, monitored safety, environmental and pollution prevention aspects for the SeaRiver vessel operations, and had responsibility for SeaRiver’s Medical Department and SeaRiver’s office in Valdez, AK.

            During his 40 year career with SeaRiver, he held various management, operational and analytical positions.

            Paul was awarded the United States Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award, the second highest award given to a civilian, in 2000 for his efforts in developing and leading the industry taskforce on offshore ship to ship lightering. In 2015, Paul was awarded a second United States Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award, for his exceptional contributions to the Coast Guard missions through his 40 years of service to the maritime community. .

            Paul currently serves as Vice President of Clean Channel Association and is also a member of the Board of Directors.? He also serves on the Port of Houston Pilot Review and Investigation Committee, is a member of the Central Texas Coastal Area Committee, as well as the Lone Star Waterway Utilization and Navigation Operations Committees.