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          1. Contact

            Office: 617-268-6001
            Mobile: 617-594-8862?
            Fax: 617-268-6025
            Email: pdavis@moranshipping.com

            Operations Management

            Patrick Davis

            Operations Manager (Boston)
            Patrick Davis started his career with Moran Shipping Agencies in 2001 in the Boston, MA office as a boarding agent. Under the guidance of Captains Dalzell and Palmer he learned the agency business from the ground up and gradually acquired a well-rounded working knowledge of the Port of Boston. In January of 2016 Patrick took over the Operations Manager position for Moran's busy Boston office. Patrick has a previous background in Sales and Management and has transitioned this experience into his new responsibilities here at Moran.

            Patrick resides on the south shore in Marshfield MA with his wife and two daughters.