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          1. Contact

            Office: 281-582-9200
            Mobile: 281-582-1249 ?
            Fax: 281-582-1249
            Email: qlam@moranshipping.com

            Operations Management

            Quyenie Lam

            General Manager (Moran Pollution and Safety Corp)
            Quyen (Quyenie) Lam was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, leaving in 1986 to settle and grow up in the Bronx, NY. She attended SUNY Maritime College (Ft. Schuyler), graduating in 1999 with a U.S Merchant Marine 3rd Mate license, unlimited tonnage, and a BS in Marine Environmental Degree, Cum Laude. She went back to school in 2005 for her General MBA at the University of Phoenix, which she achieved in 2007.

            Quyenie sailed as 3rd mate with OSG America on Bulk Carriers and Tankers before the birth of her son retired her from sailing in 2002. But she couldn’t stay away from the maritime business for long, returning in 2005 as a contracting Pollution and Safety Advisor (PSA) for SeaRiver Maritime (SRM). She boarded vessels calling at ExxonMobil terminals to monitor vessel in-port operations to prevent pollution, enhance safety, and ensure marine regulatory compliance for waterborne transactions.

            While working as a PSA in the field, she would also backfill for various SRM commercial allocator positions and the PSA Program Coordinator. In 2009, Quyenie became the PSA Scheduler for the Texas region while assisting the PSA Program Coordinator to restructure the program.

            She joined Moran in April 2012 as General Manager of Moran’s Pollution and Safety Program, managing the Dock Walker and PSA Ship Coordination contract between SRM and Moran. In 2019, Quyenie was promoted to Director of Moran’s Pollution and Safety Corp, overseeing all aspects of the business unit.