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          1. MPSC

            Pollution & Safety Corp.

            Moran Pollution & Safety Corp. (MPSC) is an affiliated company of Moran Shipping Agencies. MPSC fully manages the coverage, scheduling and stewardship of Pollution and Safety Advisor, Marine Advisor, and Dock Walker programs. We boast the largest pool of qualified independent contractors for these services in the USA, providing around-the-clock coverage, 365 days per year, for over 3000+ vessel calls requiring 5,000+ assignments annually at various terminals from coast to coast.

            Clients include major oil companies such as Phillips 66, ExxonMobil/SeaRiver, Irving Oil, PBF Energy, and Genesis Energy. We are proud to state that our non-coverage rate over the past 12 months was a mere .4%, well below the KPI we are required to meet.

            For more information please contact: mpsc@moranshipping.com