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          1. Moran Accounting Department

            Voyage Accounting/Finance & Reporting

            Moran’s Accounting and Finance Departments are uniquely poised to meet our clients’ needs. As with all Moran Shipping personnel, the Accounting and Finance Departments pride themselves on always meeting our client’s needs through continual improvement, preventative action, and teamwork.

            Moran’s system facilitates a time tested paper and e-flow system, helping to eliminate misidentified port call charges, speeding up vendor and client inquires, and acting as a key identifier for required reports.

            Moran’s Finance Department coordinates all funding activity and reconciles those funds to each port call. Payment of port call expenses and accounts receivable reconciliation is done with a focus on our Principal’s needs. We utilize online banking for reporting and money movement. These online services are password accessed utilizing multi level password protection to reduce fraud exposure by requiring redundant authorization as well as a SecurID token in order to move funds.

            Moran Accounting and Finance Departments use Microsoft’s Dynamics/SL (formally known as Solomon Professional) version 6.0 multi-company, project based software on a SQL platform. FRX 6.7, Crystal 10 Report Writer, and Check Factory are integrated with Solomon to allow for advanced financial reporting, user end customization abilities for data reporting as well as to allow secure blank check stock printing.